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This is a cute neighborhood of 1940-50's houses. It's a little farther away from UT than Hyde Park, so there are less students. A lot of people that want to live central but not be woken up at 2 am with frat kids screaming about something like Crestview. The neighborhood is pretty relaxed. There are movies in the local park in the summer and ice cream socials every so often. Crestview also has a total 1950's shopping center complete with barbershop, beauty salon, pharmacy, and independent grocer.

Crestview is north of Justin Lane to Anderson and between Lamar and Burnet. Burnet Road has been changing quite a bit of the last few years with lots of SoCo-ish shops and places to eat popping up along the way, especially more towards 45th. The lots in Crestview are consistently a little bigger than most other areas with the smaller 2-1 or 3-1 style homes. A typical lot is about is about 6500sf, but Crestview typical lots are 60x150, which is about 9000sf. If you look at a plat map of the north central area of Austin, you can pick out Crestview by its larger lots. The area has cats who mosey around and chain link fences, which makes your backyard feel even bigger. The center of the neighborhood is the Crestview Market. There is an IGA grocer, a small deli with pretty good veggie burgers, a barber shop, a beauty shop, and a kids acting studio. You can watch a lot of the neighborhood folk go in and out and will observe many of the original residents as well as new families. On the east side of the neighborhood, the Crestview Station is going up. It is a redevelopment of what used to be a chemical plant into a mixed-use area, which means residential and retail / restaurants all mixed up. The redevelopment is also the place where a light-rail station will be, and the rail will run from downtown through Crestview to Leander.