Another nice neighborhood. Pretty similar to Enfield / Tarrytown. It's just on the east side of Mopac and north of around 26th St. The homes tend to be a little larger than the average central neighborhood, which means you can actually find a 3 bedroom with better luck here.

Bryker Woods is a cute area. It is kinda like the typical bungalow style homes in most of central Austin but with bigger, two-story houses, and the area is more consistently fixed up. Much of Austin is pretty spotty with one street all fixed up and another with three run-down houses. But Bryker Woods has been a nice upkept area of Austin throughout the years, so the area is consistently in good shape no matter what street you turn on. The location is just off Mopac and east towards Lamar. Because of its proximity to Lamar and Mopac, it is an easy trip to downtown or up north to the Arboretum.

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